Jeren Gunter | Ultra 4 Racer. Family Man. Business Man.

Jeren is more than a winning race car driver

Jeren represents the kid in all of us.
There's more to life than work, sleep, repeat.

For Country. For Family. For the Checker.

Jeren has served his country. Jeren understands the value in a team and achieving objectives.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Jeren is an entrepreneur. Jeren understands WORK ETHIC and taking pride in success - building something to be proud of.

Family Man. Caring. Inspirational.

Jeren is a family man. Jeren has family values. The fans of Ultra 4 and the general public alike, relate to Jeren.

Dirt, Mud, Rocks & Family

Who could ask for anything else!
What is Ultra 4 your asking and how can it be a benefit to you?

The defining characteristic of the ULTRA 4 class is that all cars must be capable of 4-wheel drive. Beyond that, the class is unlimited. The cars come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of speeds over 100+ MPH and still contain gear ratios as low as 100 to 1 for technical rock crawling. The series challenges drivers to compete in a wide variety of terrain from endurance desert racing to competition-style rock crawls to short course racing. There are currently seven races in the series. The races take place on both public lands and in private motorsports parks across the country.

Ultra 4 is one large family. Competitors, spectators, and brands come together socially not dissimilar from a family retreat with everyone huddled up around a camp fire sharing stories. That outdoors vibe carries weight beyond the track and resonates with a large portion of our population. The demographic is diverse, but in general, very family orientated making it a hot bed for consumer engagement.

Jeren Gunter is a winner. Your brand, combined with Jeren and the brand, equates to a great ROI. Connect with your consumers in a meaning full and engaging way. Reach out to us - we promise you won't be disappointed.

Jeren's World

A glimpse into the world of Jeren

One thing we can guarantee is that our focus on winning is not just on the track. Our focus is winning for all our partners and everyone involved. -


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